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Team 4 : Development and evolution of neurosecretory systems (Tostivint)

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Our research is articulated around two complementary axes:

  1. the molecular evolution of neuropeptide families in metazoans
  2. the roles of neuropeptides during vertebrate development by using zebrafish as a model.

Team leader
Hervé Tostivint, Professor MNHN

Permanent staff
Guillaume Pézeron, Assistant professor MNHN

Temporay staff
Anne-Laure Gaillard, Technician MNHN CDD

PhD students
Feng Quan, thesis co-supervised by Hervé Tostivint and Claire Wyart, ICM, UPMC)
Mathieu Carrara, thesis co-supervised by Guillaume Pézeron and Jean-Paul Concordet (MNHN)

Past members
Damien Habert, technician MNHN (2008-2009)
Noé Palmic, technician MNHN CDD (2009)
Marion Bougerol, PhD student (2011-2015)
Lydia Djenoune, PhD student co-supervised by Claire Wyart (ICM) (2012-2015)
Natalia Kenigfest, Invited professor (St Petersboug, Russia))